The first Annual Report and Living Guide for Chinese Community of Houston       


              Houston Chinese Yearbook (2005-2006)



由明桥国际集团公司及其所主办的中文报纸《美中信使报》(原名《美中晚报》休斯顿版) 20066月正式推出休斯顿华人社区历史上的第一本《华人年鉴》 , 幷计划在今后的每一年春天都出版一本.新出版的《休斯顿华人年鉴》 将是一本搜集资讯全面, 涉及内容广泛,可读性 ,实用性 , 收藏性,趣味性均很强的本地华人生活指南及百科知识类型的年度大型出版物。其中包括有《华人工商广告》,《常用电话号码》,《社团年度介绍》,《各行各业十佳》,《华人精英专访》,《各类专才名录》,《侨胞生活指南》等广受本地华人侨胞欢迎的内容。




    This yearbook will be the first yearbook in Chinese and English for reporting annual events and living guide for Chinese Community in Great Houston area (including Austin, San Antonio, College Station, Clear Lake, Sugar land, Pearland, and Galveston). This publication has been asked for many years by those old and new Chinese immigrants. Now Ming Bridge International Group, Ltd. Co, which is running a popular Chinese newspaper – USA Sino News, decides to edit and publish it in June, 2006.


    This yearbook will collect all useful information to Chinese people of Great Houston area, such as what are favorite Chinese Restaurants in Houston, what are best attorney’s offices, what are best healthcare clinics, what are best Chinese shopping centers, what are best Chinese culture schools, who are best real estate agents, who are best insurance agents, who are taking care of Houston city, how to get a driver’s license, how to make money by stock or other finances and businesses, how to get admission for a better university, etc.


    This yearbook will also post a lot of ads and phone numbers for those businesses who plan to get into the big market in Chinese community with over 200 thousands Chinese immigrants. These ads will be shown on the Year Book by different business types. Chinese or non-Chinese businesses are welcome to post their ads and phone numbers on it.


    This yearbook will descript all big events in Chinese community. Many pages will record those important activities hosted by Chinese organizations. On the other hand, many VIP Chinese artists, community leaders and experts will be interviewed and their stories will be posted on it.     


    Especially, this yearbook will have some great points attractive to all Chinese people in Houston: it will announce the top-10 Chinese Community news, top-10 Chinese restaurants, top-10 Chinese culture schools, and top-10 Chinese shopping centers and top-10 favorite non-Chinese stores, etc. in 2005。All these results will be the first time for announcement in Houston Chinese community.           


The Houston Chinese Yearbook was published in June, 2006, containing color and black & white ads and 500 pages of useful information.